guiided imagery for self healing

Have you noticed you're less able to deal with the amount of stress in your life?  Take a moment to relax and reduce the stress response in your body with this seventeen minute guided imagery.

Take a few minutes out of every day to train yourself to consciously slow the heart rate, lower the blood pressure and change the breathing pattern to come to a calmer state of mind.

Note: Based on the research and work of Dr. Martin Rossman. 

guided relaxation for muscle tension

If you're under a lot of stress the brain sends commands to the body to tense up the muscles and this results in muscular tension.  Making a practice of taking twenty minutes a day to bring awareness to the body is a relaxation technique that relieves muscle tension.  Depending on the type of stress you're experiencing different relaxation techniques work better than others.  This video is especially for muscular tension.

Note:  Based on the research and work of Dr. Martin Rossman.

reducing stress with sound and the senses

 What can you do to reduce stress in your life?  Sound healing and visualizations using the senses helps to bring awareness to the internal state of your body rather than focusing on external things that pull you from your ability to remain calm and peaceful. By practicing sound healing and visualizations with the senses you can reduce the level of your stress.  

Note:  Based on the work of John Harvey, PH.D.

Yoga Nidra - Rotation of consiousness - Letting Go of Tensio

Yoga Nidra relaxation guides you through awareness of the different parts of the body.  It coordinates the map of your body with the sensory motor cortex of the brain allowing you to let go of tension, holding or resistance in the body.  Long, slow deep breathing assist in the depth of relaxation. 

(Note:  This is based on the work of John R. Harvey, PH.D.) 


Starting to Feel Free

Thank you so much, Barb. My session was very thought provoking and I was able to address things I had no idea I was even hanging on to.  I feel like I'm starting to feel that freedom that we talked about.  I don't think I would have been able to come to these realizations without you and I truly thank you with all my heart and being.  I will definitely be seeing you again!  Thank you for sharing  your beautiful gift with me.

I Had to Make Big Life Changes

I was new to yoga when Barb suggested I try a series of classes.  I had some things going on in my life and I knew I needed to make a change so I decided why not.  Not only did I enjoy going through the process but I learned so much about the practice of yoga and what it has to offer besides the poses.  The most amazing part was that I had some breakthroughs in my own life.  I don't know if I would have been able to make these huge lifetime changes  without the yoga classes and meditation.  Thank you so much, Barb, I have a new life!

Disclaimer:  The advice we give is from traditional sources and is in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling.  Please consult your physician with regard to any outstanding condition or before beginning.