Kundalini Yoga Group Classes

4 classes for $49

or $15 for one class

Kundalini Yoga includes postures similar to classical hatha yoga; however, they often include pranayama (breathing), mantra (sound healing) and mudra (hand positions).  Following a sequence of postures (kriya) there is a 10 minute period of rest to allow the body to fully integrate the effects.  The class concludes with a short meditation.



Please contact us at Innersanctuarycny@gmail.com prior to attending class.


Private Kundalini Yoga Class

30 min ($45) 

45 min ($54) 

60 min ($81) 

Private kundalini yoga instruction is customized to fit your unique situation.  You can also bring a friend to share the session.  Each session includes breathing practices to balance emotions and to relieve anxiety and depression.  We conclude each class with a short meditation. Change your life now by transforming your patterns of thinking and patterns of reacting.  The effects of kundalini yoga are quick and effective. 

What people are saying about kundalini yoga...

I had to make big life changes

I was new to yoga when Barb suggested I try a series of classes.  I had some things going on in my life and I knew I needed to make a change so I decided why not.  Not only did I enjoy going through the process but I learned so much about the practice of yoga and what it has to offer besides the poses.  The most amazing part was that I had some breakthroughs in my own life.  I don't know if I would have been able to make these huge lifetime changes  without the yoga classes and meditation.  Thank you so much, Barb, I have a new life!

Starting to feel free

Thank you so much, Barb. My session was very thought provoking and I was able to address things I had no idea I was even hanging on to.  I feel like I'm starting to feel that freedom that we talked about.  I don't think I would have been able to come to these realizations without you and I truly thank you with all my heart and being.  I will definitely be seeing you again!  Thank you for sharing  your beautiful gift with me.