Hands On Healing (Reiki)

30 min ($54) 

45 min ($81)

60 min ($108) 

Over our lifetime, past thoughts, emotions, and memories gather and may  remain stored in our energetic body in our chakras.   These chakras correspond to the glands in the body so imbalances may manifest physically.  

 If you are not feeling your best and are unable to understand why, there may be an issue that has not been resolved within your energetic system.  The chakras also gather information (vibrations) from other people in our environment...so it may not even be your issue.  (At times, it may even be someone who has passed over.)

The practitioner gently places their hands on or above you to 'read' the energy, helps you identify the cause of uneasiness (dis-ease), and uses guided affirmations to re-establish a healthy balance.  

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Spiritual Advising

With Siri Kirin Kaur

Has your life become unmanageable?  Do you feel overwhelmed by confusing thoughts, emotions and feelings?  Do you feel you've lost your purpose in life?  Whatever the reason you find yourself here, it's a first step toward peace and contentment.

Through this process, you will get to the heart of matters in your life.  You will be guided in a compassionate, non-judgmental way to find your own answers and receive clear guidance as you connect to your innermost truth and come to a place of peace within.

Depending on the length of the session, it may include numerology reading, breathing practices to help stabilize moods, guided relaxation, and meditation practice.

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Relief from Inner Turmoil

 After receiving Spiritual Advising and Hands On Healing from Barb I'm a new person!  I thought I was good and had worked through the layers of emotional stuff.  It was a surprise to me to all of the sudden feel inner turmoil and that old stuck feeling I thought was healed.  This was going on and off for a few weeks.  I was frozen and becoming sick inside  I started to lose weight and barely getting through the day.  The peak of these feelings came when someone upset me.  For a few days I started beating myself up.  In reality nothing was wrong, but I couldn't shake it.  One morning  I sat with Barb for the Spiritual Advising.  She started asking me all these questions and come to find out what I thought was bothering me was only the surface.  I left feeling a little better but emotions kept creeping up.  I knew it was time to deal with whatever was going on, Barb got me in for a Hands On Healing session that evening. I sobbed and sobbed.  The root emotions finally came to the surface.  I felt exhausted after the session but I slept great and woke up feeling amazing!  I felt like a new person!  Clear, happy, peaceful, content and energized.  For the first time in my life I felt amazing and deeply empowered.  I've gone through periods of positive thinking, feeling good after Reiki and Yoga, but this was different.  Barb helped me break through the deepest layers to see my true self and I'll be forever grateful that God worked through her to help me along my journey.  (B.H. Baldwinsville) 

Making Peace with Grief

 I was fortunate enough to have received a Hands On Spiritual Healing from Barb.  I highly recommend her!  I was experiencing physical pain on two separate occasions that seemed to be connected to profound grief I was feeling.  Barb made me feel relaxed and comfortable in her care.  Her gift of healing made a huge difference in my life.  Not only did my physical pain go away, but it helped me to make peace with my grief and heal my heart.  Thank you, Barb. (C.R. Cicero) 

Gifted Energy Worker

 Barb is truly passionate about what she does.  Her fascination with the human body and mind propels her on the path to greater understanding for both herself and others allowing true healing to take place.  She  has the knowledge and the insight to know what is needed at any given moment.  (M.C. Syracuse)

Unique Sense of Awareness

 Barb has a unique sense of awareness.  She understands so much of life's complexities and how they affect all of us.  Her level of enthusiasm can be observed through her work.  You would be hard pressed to find someone more knowledgeable who deeply cares about others and has the ability to ensure her client's needs are met.  (R.S. Liverpool)


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