Hands On Healing (Reiki)

30 min ($54) 

45 min ($81)

60 min ($108) 

Over our lifetime, past thoughts, emotions, and memories gather and may  remain stored in our energetic body in our chakras.   These chakras correspond to the glands in the body so imbalances may manifest physically.  

 If you are not feeling your best and are unable to understand why, there may be an issue that has not been resolved within your energetic system.  The chakras also gather information (vibrations) from other people in our environment...so it may not even be your issue.  (At times, it may even be someone who has passed over.)

The practitioner gently places their hands on or above you to 'read' the energy, helps you identify the cause of uneasiness (dis-ease), and uses guided affirmations to re-establish a healthy balance.  


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