Obstacle removing puja


SengDongma Obstacle Removing Puja H.E. Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche January 23, 2020

SengDongma is particularly focused on pacifying the destructive forces of disturbed Yin or feminine demonic energies.  The destruction of the environment and degradation of human culture greatly stirs up these elemental forces.

Many aeons before Shakyamuni Buddha, the Buddha of our age, there was a demoness who delighted in taking the lives of beings and increased negative forces in the world.  The enlightened beings' collective wisdom arose in the form of the Lion-faced Dakini (skydancer) empowered by all the Buddhas of the ten directions to tame the demoness.  The Lion-faced Dakini became far more powerful than the demoness who began to lose her strength.

The demoness was subdued by the Lion-faced Dakini and took an oath to serve the dharma and became a protector. 

This puja calls upon SengDongma's quick, intense and vibrant energy to clear the most pervasive and malignant obstacles especially spirit disturbances and black magic.  She provides powerful and effective protection against negative conditions, illnesses and misfortune, particularly those specifically sent against us.

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